Perfect Solution for
Call Center Coaching
Caprome is the ideal coaching companion for call centers, offering supervisors the power to watch, record, and comment on agents' screens. It streamlines the feedback process, allowing for immediate and specific guidance to improve agent performance. With Caprome, coaching is direct, efficient, and tailored to each interaction
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Instant Installation Over Hundreds of Chromebooks
With Caprome, ease of access is key installation is managed entirely by Google Workspace admins, enabling an automatic launch on agent Chromebooks for an effortless beginning to every shift. Its a tool that works for the team, without the team having to work on it.
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Caprome's Innovative Features Set the New Standard in Call Center Training and Supervision
No Employee Consent Required
Caprome starts recording automatically when the Chromebook is on, ensuring uninterrupted documentation with no way for employees to stop or close the recording — a seamless solution for consistent oversight
24x7 Support Service
Around-the-clock support is just a click away with Caprome's integrated feedback button, connecting users globally with instant assistance and an easy channel for voicing their app experiences.
Real Examples, Real Learning
Caprome turns top-performing calls into shared learning experiences, allowing admins to distribute videos that serve as practical, real-world training materials.
Offline Video Feedbacks
Revolutionize coaching with Caprome’s dual feedback options: supervisors can overlay video feedback on screen recordings or utilize the comment section for text insights, supporting clear and effective communication
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