Modernized Call Center Coaching.
Modernized Call Center Coaching.
Effortless Installation for Call Centers
Quick Setup with Chrome Enterprise

Sometimes installing traditional screen recording tools in call centers feels tedious. It typically means setting up applications on each employee’s laptop, dealing with permissions, and many other time-consuming steps. For a busy call center, this process is a way to drain valuable time and resources.

Caprome is a game-changer for call centers using Chromebooks. Caprome streamlines the whole installation process, making it quick and hassle-free. The best part is that it’s incredibly simple for Google Workspace Admins to roll out. Using the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, a Google Workspace Admin can install Caprome across all registered Chromebooks in the company in an instant. There’s no need for any involvement from the team members. No permissions, no manual installations, nothing. Just like that, Caprome is up and running on employees’ devices.

This easy installation process is specially designed for contact centers that primarily use Chromebooks. All of us at Caprome recognize that time is precious in these fast-paced environments. That’s why we focus on simplicity and speed. By cutting out the complexities of traditional installations, Caprome allows management to concentrate on what’s important – monitoring and improving call center performance.

So, what does this mean for your call center? It means that there are no more wasted hours. With just a few clicks by your Google Workspace Admin, Caprome is ready to go on all your Chromebooks. Caprome offers a straightforward, instant installation process. This ease of setup is a significant advantage for call centers looking to enhance efficiency and performance. With Caprome, your focus shifts from installation troubles to using its full potential to enhance your call center operations.

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Instant Installation
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